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Pleated Vee Dress Black

Have you ever really wanted something so badly, that you felt your heart tighten in anticipation and excitement, whilst at the same time, having no idea how to make said desire/thing a reality? Well I have. In fact, I feel like this quite often. Sometimes its for something small, like irrationally lusting for a 900 dollar pair of shoes (Oh, spare me your judgement, sensible, frugal shoppers). Sometimes it’s for much larger life goals, like choosing a difficult career path and finding success against all odds. While this longing feeling rushes over me often, the usual result is a gradual fade of an unfulfilled wish replaced by some other passing desire. Yet, once in a while, magic happens and seemingly unattainable dreams do come true.

So, why am I telling you this, and what does this have to do with this fabulous Banana Republic outfit? Well, I have had this kind of magic happen to me exactly two times in my life.  The first time it happened was in relation to my career.  I will save that story for another post, and share the most recent time, which happened when I was in this exact outfit.





If you follow me on Facebook, (and if you don’t, you really should… I post hilarious videos and adorable dogs pictures. Lets be friends!) you read a long post I wrote about how much it meant to me to see Adele at Madison Square Garden, front and center at a completely sold out show. The joy I felt went beyond listening to the music and the excitement of being able to partake in a such a privileged experience. It came from being a fitting reminder of how life can surprise us at unexpected moments if we are open to and aware of the opportunities around us. So, my point is this; never stop dreaming, or fighting for what you want. Enjoy every curveball and the astonishing moments. Oh, and make sure you wear something fabulous along the way.

Dress:  c/0 Banana Republic  Shoes: Taryn Rose  Bag: Karen Millen

Photos By: Lydia Hudgens.

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It’s Banana! And an unexpected return

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Hello! It’s me… I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to … Just kidding! Yes, it has been a while since I posted and for a while I thought about retiring this site all together. Life has been so busy, between work, commuting, moving away from NY and back, traveling… The days just blend together and all of the sudden it’s been years since I posted.

Honestly, I have missed this, and have been toying around with the idea of writing again for the last few months, when unexpectedly I got an opportunity from one of my favorite go-to affordable, yet classically stylish brands, Banana Republic. They sent me gorgeous shoes from their upcoming fall campaign to test out and I couldn’t believe how comfortable and cute they are! They are so stylish even my sister wants to steal them from me! I am willing to share… Maybe.




Top: American Apparel Pants: Gap Dress: Tracy Reese Shoes: Banana Republic

Photos By: Lydia Hudgens.

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PENCIL_4 Well dear readers, it’s been a busy Fall. I have been settling in a new job (which I am loving) and starting to pack up my home as I start the relocating process (which shockingly I am not loving…). Luckily, I was still able to spare some hours to attend fashion week (more on that later in the week) and the weather has been beautiful. Read More



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DIY Shorts Complete lookI simply can’t believe September is upon us… This means Fall is just around the corner, and that brings us all sorts of wonderful fashion ideas and events to look forward too. However, it seems that in these last summer days, the heat still lingers in the air and shorts are the only comfortable clothing option. Yet what do you do, if like me, you could bring yourself to buy one of those trendy cut-off shorts for the price of a full leg jeans when spring was blooming? To buy shorts now just seems like an even bigger waste… Read More



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Have you been to New York lately? If so, you may have noticed these citibikes EVERYWHERE… I was tempted to sign up for a membership and then I remembered that I haven’t ridden a bike in oh 7 years and NY traffic is not known for it’s ehem, politeness.  Yet I applaud all the brave souls that are commuting around the city in a healthier way.  Read More